Alpha28, the Signals Intelligence (SI) directorate of Meta Special Aerospace, provides support to Special Operations Forces and the Intelligence Community with proprietary SI training courses, custom designed SI support to military exercises, and direct operational SI support to US Government missions. Alpha28 brings an unprecedented level of technical and operational experience to the customer by maintaining a dedicated staff of full time SI Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who possess nearly 200 years of combined SIGINT experience in Special Operations Forces and Special Mission Units.

Proprietary Alpha28 Training Courses:

  • High Frequency Communications (HFC) Course

  • Digital Land Mobile Communications (DLMC) Course (Digital Push to Talk: DMR, NXDN, APCO25, TETRA)

  • DLMC Advanced Course

  • Advanced Network Characterization (ANC) Course (Modes 1-5)

  • WiFi and Bluetooth Theory and Exploitation Course

  • Close Access Tactical SIGINT (CATS) Course

  • Linux Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced User Course

  • Close Access Network Operations (CANO) Course

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Any of our proprietary courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer. Additionally, Alpha28 offers government-approved ground and air certifications in Modes 1-5. We can provide Mobile Training Teams to any location and we host classrooms in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Nevada along with access to live fire SIGINT ranges in Oklahoma and Nevada.

Tailored Exercise Support:

Alpha28 provides SIGINT SMEs, Role Players, and live signal environments (Modes 0-6) to training exercises. We regularly provide SIGINT support to over 20 Special Operations exercises each year.

We also can create custom exercises from the ground up to suit the customer's unique requirements.

OCONUS Mission Support:

Alpha28 provides seasoned SIGINT SMEs to support US Government operational requirements around the world on a recurring basis. This ensures our SIGINT SMEs maintain their operational relevancy to consistently provide the best training possible.

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